2021 5th International Conference on Water Conservancy, Hydropower and Building Engineering(WCHBE 2021)
WCHBE 会议回顾

WCHBE 会议回顾

Thanks to the support of experts and scholars! A total of  46 people attended the online conference, including 5 keynote speakers and 9 scholars to share academic reports. 


Keynote speaker 1:Prof. Fei Wang(Agriculture Products Processing Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences, China)Title: The Improvement of CO2 Absorption Properties of Limestone Ore by the Additions of Reagent Grade-SiO2 and Natural Diatomite


Keynote speaker 2:Prof. Jin Li(Qingdao University,China)

Title: Novel Technology for nitrogen removal from saline wastewater


Keynote speaker 3:Prof. Mohammad Russel(Dalian University of Technology China)

Title: Microwave sensor measurement system to monitoring the current smart city environmental challenges


Keynote speaker 4:(online speech)

A. Prof. Wenhui Zhu(Bohai University, China)Title: Study on the Change Pattern of Fresh Taste Substances During the Fermentation of Fish Sauce and the Taste Presentation Mechanism of Fresh Taste Peptides

Keynote speaker 5:(online speech)

A. P. Dr Ahmad Safuan A Rashid(Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia)Title: A study on Rock Shaft Resistance of Bored Piles Socketed into Decomposed Malaysia Granite